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  • “Working with Base Conditioning (or JR, whichever you prefer) has helped me to reach my physical goals both on and off the ice. I have become stronger psychologically and have been trained at the high performance level to prepare me as a professional athlete.”

    Mark Fraser New Jersey Devils
  • “Through careful evaluation, Base Conditioning has been able to offer me the most individualized program I’ve ever come across. By recognizing weaknesses and creating exercises to overcome them, I feel balanced and stronger as a whole. In a dynamic environment such as alpine ski racing, creating a balance between strength, quickness, and flexibility are key to injury prevention and success. Base condition has done this for me.”

    Patrick Biggs World Cup Alpine Skier
  • “JR’s hockey specific training allowed me to achieve my goals by getting a jump on others.”

    Joey West Peterborough Petes
  • “Working with JR is one of my best career decisions. His personalized program has allowed me to improve my strength, foot speed and explosive power. JR’s individualized exercises are geared to developing and improving my skills as a hockey player and ensured I was in the best overall physical condition.”

    Mike Blunden Tampa Bay Lightning
  • “JR completely revolutionized the meaning of ‘being Fit’.”

    Max Dumond University of Alaska Fairbanks
  • “JR’s camp has not only got me stronger then ever but it has shown amount of commitment needed to get to the next level.”

    Erik Gudbranson Florida Panthers
  • “Year after year, JR devises a training program to help me meet my specific goals, while I enjoy the benefits (motivation, camaraderie) of training as a group. That’s one of JR’s biggest strengths: he provides an individualized workout in a group setting. His other strength, without a doubt, is his passion for training. His passion and energy are extremely contagious and appreciated. That’s why I’ve been training with JR for the past 8 years.”

    Marc Lamothe Russian Hockey League