Personal Training & Services

Base Conditioning

Base conditioning provides personal training in a private studio. Supervised training can be the difference between achieving optimal results or falling short. Time and time again it has proven to be the most effective way to achieve physical goals. Personal training offers many benefits:
1) Learn proper technique
2) Motivation and discipline
3) Reaching your goals
4) increase energy level
5) Physical results
6) Positive atmosphere

What to bring to a session:

1) Water Bottle
2) Towel
3) Comfortable Workout Attire
4) Gym Shoes
5) Post-workout shake


Starting date: On‐Going
When: Weekdays
Time: On your own time (Reserve Now)
Where: 503 Chemin Du Ruisseau, Rockland, Ontario, K4K 1K7
Starting date: On‐Going
When: Weekdays
Time: On your own time (Reserve Now)
Where: Dôme de l’école secondaire publique Louis‐Riel (1655 Bearbrook Rd, Gloucester, ON K1B 4N3)


1) Basketball Training
BASE Conditioning is offering basketball specific strength and conditioning programs aimed at improving your Speed,Agility, Quickness, Strength, Multi‐Directional speed, Explosive Power and Conditioning.The programs are designed to transform any basketball player into a stronger, faster and more confidant athlete ready to take on their upcoming basketball season.

2) Training Programs & Consultation
Base conditioning provides consultation and training programs to achieve various goals:

  • Weight Loss (reduce body fat)
  • Sport specific
  • Increase lean body mass
  • Core strength
  • Performance Related (RCMP, Fireman and more)
  • Overall conditioning

During the initial consultation which will last approximately 1 hour, we will discuss your:

  • goals
  • health history & injuries
  • availability

We will also provide you with:

  • Nutritional advice
  • Body composition (body fat {07f2d134305d40331bd19a64c1fb8ec673898f50458afb7c8bf9366bea4963fc})
  • Functional assessment
  • Training program

3) Nutritional Analysis
Few individuals realize that the ability to dramatically improve their quality of health involves what they eat. Creating customized meal and nutritional supplement programs really enables an individual the opportunity to have the winning edge over the competition.
Testing & Services

  • Weight Management Plans
  • Sports Nutrition for all Levels of Athletes
  • Advice for the Proper Use of Nutritional Supplements